About Us

What We Believe


We believe no one should have to experience separation or divorce alone. We provide a place to find Hope, Healing, and Health, a place to find answers to the pain and discouragement that occurs with separation and divorce. We encourage partners to reconcile, if possible, but our goal is to work on ourselves, to stabilize and become the best person that we can be under the circumstances. We discourage dating while attending Separation and Divorce Care and attempt to maintain a safe environment.



In the summer of 1995 a handful of divorced people were given a set of VCR tapes to watch for a pilot program called "Divorce Care". They watched the tapes, participated in a self-directed discussion and enjoyed their time together. Shortly after, they were asked to provide that same ministry to others in the community that were suffering from separation or divorce and the doors opened at West Valley Church to begin the Divorce Care ministry. The program still continues today, years later, with over 2,000 people having attended. In the fall of 2008 the opportunity to take Divorce Care to Roosevelt Elementary School became possible for 6 six years. We are now back in a church location at Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church. God keeps sustaining the Divorce Care program in new locations as needed.

Council's Role


Hope, Healing, and Health is governed by a council / leadership team who have been helped by participation in the Separation and Divorce Care groups and have an interest in seeing them continue. They meet on a regular basis every month.



Divorce Care Group Leaders


Our Leadership Team welcomes you with a heart of understanding, knowing from their own experience the pain you're going through.  The leaders of the program and small groups have all gone through separation or divorce and have a hope to share with you through their healing. We find our real healing comes when we help another to walk through the deep waters of separation or divorce


While our leaders are all volunteers, the program does require funds to promote the program in the community and handle additional costs. If you feel God's leading to support this ministry, please donate.



Where Our Participants are from


Participants in the Separation and Divorce Care program, Divorce Care for Kids program and Love and Respect Care Groups live in these Central Washington communitities: Ellensburg, Yakima, Moxee, Terrace Heights, Gleed, Naches, Tieton, Cowiche, Nile Valley, White Pass, Chinook Pass, Union Gap, Wapato, Granger, Zillah, Toppenish, and Selah.



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