Divorce Care

New Classes start in January & September
Once a week for 13 weeks.
You can start any week as each night covers a different topic.

Days: Monday evenings
Time: 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Location: Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church
Yakima Ave and 8th Ave., Room 217
Parking is in the lot on the NW corner of Chestnut and 7th Ave, Enter the door facing Chestnut (elevator available).


Workbook (optional) $20


For more information, please call Joyce at (509) 965 6387 Email wecaredivorce20@gmail.com



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Social Events


We hold regular family social events throughout the year, please let us know if you'd like to be added to the email list for notification!


Separateion and Divorce Care

“One Day at a Time” Daily Emails


Healing from divorce can be a long process, but you are not alone. Divorce Care is here with support groups, and now daily emails, that provide encouragement and reminders of the recovery process. Interested .. click below

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Find Help - Discover Hope - Experience Healing


Without hope there is no life. Everyone that has experienced a separation or divorce has lost hope and it must be regained to be able to function well and move forward. Divorce Care and Divorce Care 4 Kids (DC4K) gives each participant help in discovering hope and experiencing healing.


Yakima Divorce Care has been providing programs and support since 1995 in this valley.  We have served more than 2,000 people during this time.

Healing is what everyone is looking for. Many people try to fill that hole with unhealthy things to cover the wound but real healing only comes from making good choices and finding healthy friends. Divorce Care is all about healthy healing and not about stuffing another person in the wound. It is about becoming healthy during your separation and before entering a new relationship.

Health goes hand in hand with hope and healing, and it is what all of us would like to see happen in the lives of everyone who attends Divorce Care and DC4K. A healthy person does not need to return to the pain of the past and has learned a new path in life that escapes the hurt and discouragement that they have experienced through separation and divorce. A healthy parent will be able to give their children a way of healing through the divorce.

What We Believe
We believe no one should have to experience separation or divorce alone. We provide a place to find Hope, Healing, and Health, a place to find answers to the pain and discouragement that occurs with separation and divorce. We encourage partners to reconcile, if possible, but our goal is to work on ourselves, to stabilize and become the best person that we can be under the circumstances. We discourage dating while attending Separation and Divorce Care and attempt to maintain a safe environment.


Divorce Hurts