Separation and Divorce Care
Separation and Divorce Care helps you recover from the pain of separation or divorce. As you go through these painful days, you may feel that there aren't many people around you who understand the pain your divorce has caused, to you and your family. Most people will tell you that separation are the most painful and stressful experiences they’ve ever faced. It’s a confusing time when you feel isolated and have lots of questions about issues you’ve never faced before
pic 1Men's and Women's Groups
Men and Women meet separately in small break-out groups for discussion.

We understand ... we care ... we've all been exactly where you are !


Each of the 13 Separation and Divorce Care sessions is independent so you can begin attending or bring a friend at any time. Many people choose to repeat the sessions as they hear new information each time they attend as their life situation continues to change.  Many return in subsequent sessions to view any of the topics that they missed or in some helping capacity in order to giv e back the hope and healing they received to others.


Subjects covered in each 13-week Separation and Divorce Care program:



What Happens at Separation and Divorce Care


At each session we meet to watch a video on a topic pertaining to healing the hurt of separation or divorce.  After the video, small groups meet for discussion.  These groups are divided into:


Men's - Six to eight men in small discussion groups
Women's - Six to eight women in small discussion groups


You can attend the same small group each week. If for some reason you would like to change groups, just let a leader know. We ask that everything shared in these groups remain confidential.  Everyone needs a safe place to heal, let this be it! In your small group you will have the opportunity to share and interact regarding the information you just heard on the video.  Most importantly, you’ll be encouraged and learn how to work through the pain so you can rebuild your life.


Those desiring to reconcile with their spouse or who are in the process of reconciliation will benefit greatly from the program.


Men find friendship and support in Divorce CareCourse Materials


Our materials are produced by Church Initiative in North Carolina or (NC). There is no cost to attend the Separation and Divorce Care programs.




We strongly feel that prayer is an essential part of healing.


Prayer request forms are handed out each week. These requests are emailed to a small list of people who pray for us and our concerns.  Personal names are removed so they pray for the individual request. Your concerns and needs are important; it’s worthy of a prayer request!


Social Activities


Social activities are planned for participants outside of the Monday night sessions.  These activities are announced at the Monday sessions.  Please join us for family fun and fellowship.


The social events are open to people involved in the Separation and Divorce Care programs. Most are no or low cost. These activities do not constitute a singles group or dating service, but focus on a fun time of fellowship for healing and building new friendships!


Biblical Base


The curriculum for Separation and Divorce Care is Christian based and emphasizes Christian concepts as presented in the Bible. It is not necessary to share those beliefs to benefit from attending.


When does the Separation and Divorce Care group meet?


New Classes start in January & September
Once a week for 13 weeks.
You can start any week as each night covers a separate topic.

Days: Monday eveningss
Time: 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Location: Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church
Yakima Ave and 8th Ave., Room 217
Parking is in the lot on the NW corner of Chestnut and 7th Ave, Enter the door facing Chestnut (elevator available).


Workbook (optional) $20


For more information, please contact us.




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