Divorce Care taught me many things. I really appreciate the great friendships and support I received from other participants.



Divorce Care has shown me that God can take someone who is completely torn and make them whole again. It has been heartening to see that I am not the only one who has been through a horrible divorce. I would not be where I am now, two years later, if it hadn't been for this group, the friends I've made, and the new family in Christ that I continue to experience to this day.. Jen



There was a lot of anger in me, because it seemed like I was always mad at somebody, but in the group I have been released from that anger that bound me and now i can talk calmly about things. Vern


I was devastated.  The people here understand because they are divorced too.  People have come out of the woodwork to help me cope, but the people here are Christians and give me hope that I can heal.  Other divorced people out there in the world are still broken even after years.


My DivorceCare Story


The biggest blessing is that I have learned to forgive. I don't equate the person with his actions. I don't expect anything from him either. The past is under God's sovereign control. God will bring good from evil according to His plan. Cheryl


Divorce is devastating enough that I didn't want to create any more problems with my kids and myself. Marlene


I can't say enough good about the friendship I've developed and the reassurance and the hope of the future. Dave

What is Divorce Care

Through Divorce Care and supports of people around me I started actually feeling life again. Sharon


I thought I had gotten over most of my divorce but I was blind to what really needed to happen and this group not only helped me see it but helped me do what I could not do alone. Dan

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